Make Up kit for Cosplay

Make up is an essential tool in cosplay. Make up can change and achieve the look of the character you’re portraying. Famous cosplayers like Kaname, Reka, Sushi Monster, Yaya Han, Baozi and Hana, and many others are using it as well! (If you have those perfect skin that is really accurate to your chosen character, I envy you *sniffs*) When I was in college, I only thought that pressed powder, eye shadows and eyeliners are the only ones that I need. However, things have changed when I’ve been exposed to the Cosplay world. Those items that I’ve been using are not enough and after constant research in Google and different facebook groups about cosplay, I finished building up my own make-up kit. To start off with my first post in this blog, let me share to you my very own makeup set that I’m using for cosplay.

My makeup collection~ I’m just using my phone so pardon for the low quality >_<


1. Make up Primer

Make up primers are helpful to make your make up stick to your face longer, especially here in this tropical country like the Philippines. I’ve been using two kinds of primer: Face primer and Eyelid Primer.

Left: Face Primer (Nature republic, Php 695.00) / Right: Eyelid Primer (ELF Studio Eyelid Primer, Php 139.75)

Eyelid primer is used to make your eye makeup stick better.

2. BB/CC Creams

Left: By Flower BB Cream (Nature Republic, Php 295.00) /Right: Revlon Photoready BB Cream (SM Department Stores, Php 300 plus since I bought it during their product sale. Original Price around Php 800 and above)

 BB/CC Creams are one of the famous cream based make up that became an instant boom this 2000’s. This is one of the must-have items in your basic make up kit. To know the difference between BB and CC Creams, click here and here.

3. Concealer

Concealers that I’m using (from left to right): ELF Corrective Concealer (SM Department Stores, Php 269.75) – not available in ELF stores anymore *sad* , NYX Full coverage concealer (SM Department Store, Php 300 -estimated), and Nature Republic Lip Concealer (Nature Republic, Php 295.00)

 Because most of us are not blessed with perfect skin, concealers are the best option for us to hide all those annoying pimples, eye bags, and so on.  I suggest a concealer palette for different skin problems. Green for redness, Orange for dark eye bags, etc. Here’s a link that I found in a certain thread that explains more about concealers.

My favorite concealer palette since it’s cheap and easy to apply. And yeah, my silhouette is shown hahaha //slapped

4. Foundation

 Some cosplayers are skipping BB cream and instead use this product. However, since I had a nasty skin and most of my chosen cosplays had those white ghostly complexion, I use both. (just make sure you blend it nicely and the shade is accurate.

Foundation that i’m currently using: Revlon Colorstay Foundation (Robinsons Department store, Php 825.00)

In this part foundation also helps to achieve the darker shade if you’re planning to cosplay characters with darker shade than your actual skin tone and vice versa for lighter ones.

5. Powder

From Left to Right: Revlon Photoready pressed powder (SM Department Stores, Php 800++), Maybelline All clear smooth Pressed powder refill (SM Department Stores, around Php 200) , and Revlon Colorstay Powder (Robinson’s Department Store, Php 825.00)

Powders are essential in finishing the layers of those cream/liquid based makeup. Also, it helps in defining the skin color you want to achieve. There are many types of face powder/pressed powder that you could use (baby powder is the cheapest option to make your skin lighter)

6. Eyeshadows

Up: Dollface 88 Color Palette (Dollface official FB page, Php 880.00) / Down: ELF 48 palette Beauty Book (Watsons, Php 399.75)

Eye shadows are one of the basic kit that is needed in defining your eyes. The best set of eye shadows are the ones with basic/neutral colors included. Eye shadows can be used to color your eyebrows for most characters who had their eyebrows same as their hair color.

These lovely colored palettes came from a manufacturer in Davao. Oh and it’s legit makeup brand, not SG ones. Check her FB page, Dollface cosmetics.

I also suggest you have at least red and pink color in your eye shadow set since it would help in achieving the fierce look.

7. Eyeliners

Eyeliners are one of the major items you need in your own make up set.

Left to Right: Gray eyeliner from Daiso (Robinsons Malls, Php 88.00) , Dollywink pencil eyeliner and liquid eyeliner (SM Department stores, Php 979.00 bought as bundle and availed Php 100 discount), ELF Eye widener (Watsons, Php139.75), and NYX Jumbo Eye pencil (SM Department Store, Php 300 less)

There are three types of eyeliners: pencil, liquid and gel eyeliners.

Gel Liner from Maybelline (Robinsons Department Store, Php 300 +)

I suggest you have a pencil eyeliner and a choice of liquid or gel eyeliner. Also, white eyeliner is a must especially when trying to achieve a “moe eyes” make up.

8. Lip Products

When I say lip products, I mean these items: Lipstick, Lipbalm, Lipgloss, Lipliner, Lip tint, etc.

From Left to right: Etude Cherry tint (Etude House, freebie for purchasing items worth Php 500.00), Revlon Colorshine Lipgloss in Red and Pink (Robinsons Department Store, Php 350.00 Buy 1 take 1 promo), Nichido HD Lipstick (Watsons, Php 200.00 less), Nyx Matte Lipstick (SM Fairview, Php 390.00) and Revlon Colorshine Lipstick (Robinsons Department Store, Php 250.00)

Though the character you have chosen doesn’t have any lip product, it doesn’t mean you would go without it. It also helps to make the character more lively.

10. Bronzer, Highlighter and Blush-on

You have chosen a character with a slim face and nose that is “matangos” however you have a flat nose and chubby cheeks. Also, your chosen character’s blooming and shiny as the morning sun but you have a ghostly pale face. You’re face is now facing the desk, worrying on what to do. Well, worry no more! Bronzers and blush-on are there to save you!

Left: ELF Studio Contouring blush and bronzing (SM Department Store, Php 259.75) and IN2IT highlighter (SM Department Store, Php 500 since less Php 50 discount)

Bronzers could help you achieve that “matangos” look while blush-on  can create liveliness on your pale skin. Highlighters are used to highlight the parts of your face that you wanted to emphasize like eyes, nose and cheeks.

11. Make Up fixer

This is the one i’m using since other recommended brands are too expensive ;A; (Face conditioning fixer from Etude House, Php 500 plus)

Because of humidity and oiliness experienced during photoshoot and conventions, there are tendencies that your make up would be ruined and you need to retouch all over again. Make Up fixers are used after putting all those layers of your makeup to help it seal and last longer.

12. Make Up tools

 Most of the make up items are cream or liquid based and proper tools are needed for application. You could use your hands in minor fixing (e.g. putting eye liquid based products on your eyes, wiping excess make up etc) but not all of your make up. There are lots of make up brushes that you could buy individually and some that are bought in set. Also, I forgot to mention eyelash curler for your eyelashes (whether you’re wearing fake eyelashes or not). Tweezers are needed as well when you’re using fake eyelashes.  Make up sponges are needed to blend and put translucent powder in absence of make up brushes.

13. Make up remover

After putting tons of layers of make up and receiving massive smoke and other polluted air particles due to  transportation, our skin needs to breathe in by removing those layers. Most people would resort to wash their face with their favorite facial scrub/soap and detoxify. However, it would take about three scrubs and two detoxifies (based on my experience) and yet there’s still make up left.

Make up removers are used to clean most of your make up and for your soap to clean further the remaining ones. I personally like Happy Teatime Cleansing cream and Every month cleansing wipes from Etude House. (I have learned all about it from Jin Joson’s blog).

14. Miscellaneous Items

I placed it here because I rarely used eyelash glue unless for framing myself. From left to right: Eyelash Curler from Avon, Maybelline’s Limited edition great lash mascara (SM Department Store, php 300 plus), Nichido tru lashes eyelash glue (SM Department Stores, Php 100 something) , and random Eyelash Glue from Daiso (Robinsons Malls, Php 88.00)

 Yeah. Miscellaneous items because these items are optional but highly recommended if you have at least most of them. The list includes eyelashes and eyelash glue, mascara guide, sponge blender, eyebrow coat, etc. These items are not mandatory but it would help better in improving your make up. I haven’t take a pic of some of my miscellaneous items that I’ve bought mostly at Daiso stores. As for fake eyelashes, I never used it due to my eyelashes are already long enough.

Also, Eyelash glue can be used for framing your face and to help your wig stay in one place.  More info on this link by Jaroukaparade.


I know there’s a LOT of these items that you’re now wandering how to earn lots of money to buy most of the items listed here. Here are two tips for everyone who wanted to start building their own make up kit: 1. Canvass in different make up brands and check for reviews first and 2. buy the ones that you really need the most (e.g. eyeliners, BB creams, powders, and lip products.)

All of my items listed here came from my hard earned money in my current work at a travel agency (wherein I wish I have chosen a different career though).

Try to buy one make up item once you’ve earned for one. Also, double check the date of expiration and the number of months that you could use the item. Also, beware of SG make up and cheap make ups from sidewalks and small malls.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me by leaving a comment here or drop a message to the following links listed in my About section.


Arigatou Gozaimasu minna-san~

Mata Ne!~

❤ Shoujo Chan ❤


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