It’s all about MaiMai ORANGE PLUS(+)!

MaiMai is fun~ It brings you adventure!

IMG_20150804_203200 MaiMai is one of those arcade games Sega had created. It is categorized as a rhythm game since you’re going to tap, slide and hold certain buttons that appears in the screen. Just think of it like a Dance Dance Revo game using your hands. This washing machine inspired arcade had undergone different versions: MaiMai, MaiMai PluS, MaiMai GreeN, MaiMai GreeN PluS, MaiMai Orange and now MaiMai Orange Plus. The list of playable songs are increasing for every update as well~


Update: A new version was added named MaiMai Pink (including the song list). Kindly click this link for more info:

From Orange to Pink: A sneak peek on SEGA’s Maimai Pink


The game is generally categorized by the following:

IMG_20150729_202421 wpid-img_20150729_202427.jpgIMG_20150729_202434 IMG_20150729_202441 IMG_20150729_202447

If in case you can’t see the pictures, Here’s the written level of difficulty (from upper left to right): Easy, Basic, Advance, Expert and Master. (PS: pardon for the low quality of the photos. I’m just using an outdated smartphone for 3 years)

However, not all songs have the same wavelength of difficulty. Each song can be categorized according to their level: 2 being the lowest and 12 being the highest. There’s also the BPM (I actually don’t have any idea what it means.Beat per music? buttons per minute? Errr… I need to ask Sega) that would let you know how many buttons you need to smash  tap, slide and hold for every song. The higher the BPM, the higher the possible buttons that would appear.

MaiMai machines can be played by two persons per cabinet (one cabinet = 2 MaiMai machines)

Players can choose if they want to do solo play or 2-player mode. For two player mode, players can choose to do vs play or sync play. For vs play, you could choose the mode of difficulty that is different from the other player. For sync play, both players are trying to reach perfect (100%) synchronized score by means of tapping/holding/sliding all buttons and slides perfectly with the same mode of difficulty (e.g. if one player chose master level, the other player would automatically play master level as well).


A player can choose up to 3 songs per game. If you have cleared the first three songs, there’s the bonus track where you could play your fourth song! Hooray for the Bonus track!! I forgot to mention that there are two ways in playing the game: by tapping buttons and by touching the screen.


One of the enjoyable parts of playing MaiMai is the vast list of song genre ranging from J-pop songs (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sekai no Owari,etc), Anime opening and ending songs, Tohou project, Vocaloid and other Nico Nico songs, Game OST, Collaborations (e.g. the Idolm@ster Project) and many more. Here’s the main website for MaiMai orange with their complete song list.


Most MaiMai machines  especially in Japan are using Aime Card to play MaiMai. Those Aime cards gives player to access the game and create their MaiMai profile. Once the player created his/her profile, he/she can now gain points and unlock the Master level in every Rank S songs in expert mode. Also, by gathering enough points a player can customize the sounds and also unlock certain songs that are not included in the free songs.

However, not all MaiMai machines are using Aime card. Here in the Philippines, due to some reasons (including the high payment but shitty internet connections of some network providers), MaiMai machines are considered “offline” and all players are logged-in as guests. We’re stuck with all the available songs (playing locked ones are still a far dream for us) but the good side is that all Master level songs are unlocked. So yeah. You could play those nerve-wrecking master level songs if you want to experience it even if you can’t reach Rank S on the expert mode.

Additional info

With the emerging players and due to its nature as a rhythm game, there’s a kind of play style called Freestyle play that is popular among some players.  Freestyle play, is where you could do a skit while playing MaiMai: mostly dancing in the tune of the song while trying to tap,slide and hold buttons. This kind of play is harder than playing it normally since you have to match your dance steps while trying to hit those buttons. As weird as it seems to be for some people, this kind of play style is already part of the MaiMai experience and some MaiMai competitions had freestyle competition included as well! Here’s some video links of some of those awesome freestyle players.

Tell your world

Romeo and Cinderella


Happy Synthesizer

Also there’s this one-hand play wherein a player would try hitting all of those buttons and slides with one of their hands only.  Here’s a sample video that I found in Youtube in the tune of Fragrance. I tried doing the one hand style while playing Everyday,Katsusya by AKB048 in master mode during MaiMai GreeN Plus version but I still haven’t cleared it until the MaiMai Orange version where Sega had removed it in their song list. WHY YOU DO THIS SEGA! I HAVEN’T CLEARED IT YET! T^T

There’s also a certain player who played a certain song using those twin machines. Talk about awesomeness! Video link here


RULE 1: Be courteous and give respect to other players

Please, especially for beginners, don’t smash those freaking buttons, especially when someone is doing a solo play on another machine!!!! You’re destroying the concentration of those players and also destroying MaiMai!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻ ━┻ If you’re a friend of that person and he/she’s okay with it then that’s okay but if not, BE RESPECTFUL! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻ ━┻

RULE 2: Wait for your turn and don’t spam too much credits.

Okay, this is one of the main problems for some people who are playing MaiMai, beginner or not. Imagine this scenario: you’re playing a hard song and trying your best to get a Rank S score. You’re already at the groove of the music, then suddenly you hear the sound of the MaiMai machine acknowledging a credit that someone had placed. That certain sound distracted your game play, and you missed a few buttons. After the song you played, the scoreboard displayed Rank AA, with the score of 96.99%. Now, how does it feel?


Seriously, as stated in rule no.1, please wait for your turn! Are you in a hurry, thinking that someone might drop a credit before you? Is this the first time that you played the game and wanted to smash the buttons already? Also, please don’t spam too much credits especially if you’re not the only person whose going to play. It’s okay to put two or three credits, as long as you’re the sole person who’ll be playing that time. If someone’s going to play as well, then let him/her put his/her credits first before you put your own. (I admit I have spammed credits before when It’s my first time playing MaiMai and no one’s around, or so I thought. I actually learned it the hard way when I experienced the same scenario. Don’t let karma works it way before you change your standards.)

“Please wait until the current game is finished”

RULE 3: Have fun!

Games are created to give players enjoyment as one of it’s main goal. Just have fun! Move with the beat of the music and the movement of those buttons! At the end of the game, even though rule 1 and rule 2 scenarios did happened to you, you’ll realize that this is still a game that needs to be enjoyed.


MaiMai, like all other arcade games, are created to give enjoyment, to make yourself a competitive person and to make new acquaintances and friends! It could also improve your body and mind coordination and to exercise your arms. Just always remember that too much games can hamper your eyesight. Lastly, all games can be replaced anytime  so just enjoy and create wonderful memories while it last.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me by leaving a comment here or drop a message to the following links listed in my About section.

PS: Thank you so much Kumagawa Shun for pointing grammar mistakes. 😀


Arigatou Gozaimasu minna-san~

Mata Ne!~

❤ Shoujo Chan ❤


See you next play~

9 thoughts on “It’s all about MaiMai ORANGE PLUS(+)!

  1. Hello! I really love maimai and I wanna play it in the Philippines too ;o; can you tell me where can I play? I know not all of the arcades in the Philippines have maimai (the one with orange plus preferably ;o;) s-so ;o;

    Also! Do aime cards get recognized? ;_; cause I really wanna increase my rating for but if they dont work well D:


    1. Hi! Good Day!I’m glad that you have taken an interest with my blog post ^_^

      As of now, there are four arcades with Maimai machine in the Philippines. Here are the list of Arcades and their respective malls. The last mall is located in the northern part of Luzon while the rest are located in Metro Manila.

      -Quantum, SM Manila
      -Q-Power Station, Rockwell Mall
      -Quantum, SM North Edsa
      -Quantum, SM Baguio

      All of those machines had Maimai orange plus version, but the new version of orange plus doesn’t arrived yet in our country. 😦

      As for the aime cards, sadly all of the maimai machines in the Philippines are not online and there is no aime card function in the machines. 😦
      However, you can play all master tracks in one gameplay. 🙂

      I hope this would help. 😀


  2. hello,,,,Sorry,,,our machine maimai had annoucement ” Wrong Horizontal/vertical setting” can you help us to solve this error 0911? Thanks


    1. hi! are you pertaining to the maimai machine in your local arcade/game shop? if yes. I think you should report it to the management in your local arcade shop in order for them to report it and fix the said problem.

      hope this would help 🙂


  3. Hello maam! Can I ask, is there any version of MaiMai that’s released as a mobile game? Or anything (even if it’s pirated)?

    Thank you. ❤


    1. Hi! Thank you for visitng my blog! If I recall, there’s an app in playstore related to maimai before. However, I forgot the name already since it is not compatible with my phone T_T
      I’ll try to ask some maimai players if they know the app and let you know asap. 🙂


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