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That Certain milk tea flavor…

(Random post due to slight depression.)

When people are getting stressed, most of them are looking or craving for some comfort food. I’m  so guilty about it and that’s one of the main reason why I’m getting fat nowadays. (T^T)

Around May this year, 2 of my friends  at work are invited me to hang out with them because one of them had file his resignation letter already and is spending his last days in the office. We decided to go to SM Manila and drink Milk tea, despite of the current food poisoning incident a few weeks during that time.  After eating at Hotstar, we went at Chatime and ordered milk tea. Actually it was the first time that I’ll try milk tea and i’m quite wary about drinking it but since it’s his last request, I need to comply. I’m really clueless on what to order and after a few recommendations from the staff, I decided to try one of their bestseller: Honey Assam Milk Tea with additional coconut jelly.


After taking a sip, my mind went blank.  Blank… not because of getting poisoned, but because of how the drink made me feel at heaven. I know it’s exaggerated but that’s how I felt that time. The sweet taste of honey infused with the mixture of their milk tea and the chewiness of their coconut jelly that never fails to make me taste it for every sip (and they’re so generous at coconut jelly that there’s almost an inch for leftover). Since then, my journey with Chatime’s Honey Assam milk tea started.

Whenever I’m stressed or undecided on what to eat, I always go for their honey assam milk tea. I also accidentally created a great combination: Honey Assam Milk Tea and Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Donut.  Whenever I’m too stressed at work, I always looked for Honey Assam and Krispy Kreme donuts. Sometimes I also tried their milk tea and Belgian fries combination.

My last photo of Honey Assam Milk Tea with Coconut jelly and Belgian Fries in Parmesan flavor T^T

Last week I went to visit Chatime again due to stress. After purchasing Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed Donut, I went straight to the store and to my astonishment, the staff said that there’s no more Honey Assam Milk tea.  I asked again if they mean that the’re out of stock in ingredients but the staff said that the flavor’s already been pulled out on their menu list and I left the store with a depressed face. I know most of you who are reading this right now would react and say that I could choose other flavors. I’ve already tried that but I can’t help it but still crave for Honey Assam milk tea.

I wish someday Chatime Philippines would offer that flavor again. For now, I’ll wait patiently while trying to look for other comfort food. OTL


A friend of mine went to Chatime and she called me on the phone saying that they are still serving the milk tea. ARGH.. darn that staff. I thought it was gone forever! Anyways. I’m really happy right now  T^T


Mata Ne!~ Shoujo Chan



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