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Joe Inoue’s Fan meeting

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts due to work and my own preparation for Cosmania. I’ll be blogging about the event by two weeks.

I want to share to you my experience in meeting one of the awesome artist in the universe that is well-known for his opening song from Naruto named Closer. He’s a one man band and he created awesome songs and  weird  funny videos. His name is Joe Inoue.

The day of the fan meeting, Joe Inoue went early in Mall of Asia for the fan meeting. Source: Joe Inoue 井上ジョー Fb page

Anyways, last Aug 19-20, Best of Anime (BoA) was held at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City . The event focuses on Japanese pop culture, and  some famous Japanese artists are invited like Starmarie, Joe Inoue, Uchuusentai Noiz, and Eir Aoi. While everyone is having fun in the event, I’m stuck at doing work-related tasks while being envious of everyone. My head was screaming, saying ” I WANT TO MEET JOE INOUE!!!! I WANT TO MEET JOE INOUE!!! *cries* ”

Last Monday (September 21), Joe announced the details for his fan meeting. It will be held on Tuesday (September 22), at SM Mall of Asia at 7 pm! Hooray for 7pm meet-up! I decided to go to the fan meeting with my two fellow comrades in our organization.

The night had passed and Tuesday came. As always, I went straight after work and waited for my two friends while eating at Mcdo. Unexpectedly, my boyfriend and his two friends joined us as well to meet Joe. Around 6:20 while riding the jeepney, one of my friends named Aryan informed us that Joe Inoue is already at the music hall. We ran really fast, hoping we could see Joe already.

Eating some food from Mcdo while waiting for the others.

After a few minutes of running and asking the guards on where is the Music Hall, we arrived at last and we’re happy that it hasn’t started yet. He’s sitting in the middle, chatting casually with other fans who came earlier than us. I sat beside my friend Aryan, and take a photo of Joe because he’s so near and I need to control my fangirl feels.

OMG. He’s a few steps away from me. *fangirl scream*

After a few minutes, the fan meting started. Joe Inoue advised everyone (in English. He lived in the states for many years for those who didn’t know) that he would entertain each of us,as long as there is a minimal noise. The guards may notice us and kicked out of the place. One fan asked him if he would sing a song and he answered he can’t due to his phone is dead and his throat hurts  at that time. (thanks jemo and aryan for the correction). We started to create a line beside him, waiting for our turn to take a pic with him and ask for his autograph.

We started to line up We started to create a circle beside him XD

I waited patiently for my turn while controlling my fangirl side to emerge. Some fans shakes hands with him, some of them hugged him and most of them requested for a pic and autograph. When it was my turn already, he asked my name for him to write in the paper and I said Shoujo since it became part of my identity. He asked me on how to spell it and when I was about to spell it for him, my friend Aryan interjected in the conversation and said to Joe Inoue “It was spelled like the Kanji for virgin“. I reacted to what she said and Joe get what she means by asking me it is spelled with a u or none. I answered with a u, and he started writing on the paper. Argh! That’s too embarrassing! >///<

I’m included in this picture (but i’m not the girl beside him) so guess where I am located 😛

After he signed my paper, more people came around him to take a pic and he urged us to take a group pic with him. Then more people went to him again after which became a little noisier, until the people whom I think are part of the Best of Anime staff producers talked to a nearby guard. Suddenly the crowds get quiet as we listen to the conversation. The staff talked to Joe and Joe regretfully announced that they need to end the fan meeting. We raised our disappointments but Joe assured us that there will be next time. He asked for one last group photo and walked to the hotel that he was staying, ending the fan meeting at 7:04 pm (Thanks Jemo for the exact time the event ended :D).

The last group photo that we had with Joe. We’ll gonna miss you and see you next year Joe Inoue! (Credits to the owner of the photo)

It was a short one but it was really a memorable experience for those who attended the fan meeting. It is a once in a lifetime chance that I would really treasure deep in my memory bank. I’m still hoping that I could meet him at next year’s Best of Anime.

If you want to know more about Joe Inoue, check out these links below:

Facebook fan page:   Joe Inoue 井上ジョー

YouTube:  Joey Norway official

Picture Source:

Joe Inoue Official Fan Group Philippines


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me by leaving a comment here or drop a message to the following links listed in my About section.


Arigatou Gozaimasu minna-san~

Mata Ne!~

Shoujo Chan


Joe Inoue’s autograph *^*

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