From Orange to Pink: A sneak peek on SEGA’s Maimai Pink

Hello everyone! Happy New year! I’m really sorry for being inactive for the past couple of months due to personal issues. I’ll be more active in my blog this year so expect a rise of blog posts and reviews.

For my first blog post this year, let me share to you an update on my favorite arcade game~


Last year, SEGA released the newest update for the washing machine inspired arcade game, now named  Maimai Pink.  The gameplay is still the same as the earlier version (see: It’s all about Maimai Orange Plus for those who are not familiar with the game) but with added features to it.




In order to check the new features of the game, I decided to drop by the nearest arcade (Quantum SM Manila Branch) during Christmas vacation since there will be lesser people.


Maimai Pink promotional poster spotted at the entrance 


I arrive at the arcade at night and luckily there’s no one playing the game. The credit amount needed is still the same and I actually squealed with excitement due to the wonderful color and design (plus points since Pink is my fave color~ //slapped).






MaiMai Pink retained the same classifications and level of difficulty for each song. HOWEVER,  the songs are harder and you’ll be surprised with the sudden slides like this one  in the picture(that made me shout “WTF IS THIS” while playing).

More WTF awesome slides (c)MaiMai SEGA website


Here’s a sample video in expert mode.


The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku -Expert Mode



The rank list have changed as well (c)MaiMai SEGA website






In this MaiMai Pink version, they had rearranged the songs into different Categories: (click the links on the song genre for full list of songs)


Pops and Anime

Mamoru-sama! ❤ _ ❤



Niconico and Vocaloid

One of the hardest song in the new update in master level


Toho Project




Phantasy Star game tracks


Game and Variety

P4 Dancing all night tracks


Original and Joypolis

Kotonoha Project ❤


Note: There’s actually another category for MaiMai machines that are online.  However, since the machine here in the Philippines is not yet online, these are the only list available.




Unlike the previous version, when players click the Option button, this option will appear.



Once you choose from the said options, it will be the default speed and you cannot change it. If your usual settings for the speed is 5 and above or you want to lessen the brightness like the previous version, just tap the details button and the usual settings will appear.



For Aime Card  users, there are Maiberry bonus added for new songs. Sadly, all MaiMai Machines here in the Philippines are still offline so we can only play as guests. *sobs*


Look for jellyfish! *imitates spongebob voice* (sorry for the low quality photo)



So there you have it!  I hope you’ll enjoy playing MaiMai the same as I do.  Always remember to be courteous and respectful towards your fellow MaiMai players . Also, have fun!


A quick reminder as well based on the trending meme in Facebook nowadays:

(c) Peejay Rosa, Maimai Philippines FB  group

Translation:  (with a little addition to the sentence)

He is Duhan.

He is a MaiMai player.

He doesn’t spam a lot of credits in the machine especially if someone’s still playing the game.

He is polite.

Let’s imitate Duhan’s politeness.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me by leaving a comment here or drop a message to the following links listed in my About section.


Arigatou Gozaimasu minna-san~

Mata Ne!~

Shoujo Chan


See you next play!









8 thoughts on “From Orange to Pink: A sneak peek on SEGA’s Maimai Pink

    1. hi! Due to the updates with regards to the new songs and deleted ones (which may differ for every branch especially for offline machines), I didn’t list down all of the songs.

      Instead, you may click the category title instead and it will direct you to the complete and updated list of songs. Hope that would help.


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