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A night to remember: ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila 2016!

Note: This blog post is dedicated to one of Kyobun Kunshu Sei’s member named  Jemo.   Beware: Very long and detailed post below. Below post is based on my own POV and what I could still remember. Feel free to correct me if I had lots of missing/wrong info or grammar mistakes. 


Last August 2015, a certain announcement had blasted my Facebook news feed with lots of shares, likes and good vibes from my FB friends. Getting curious about the said topic, I clicked the said announcement and…



ASDFGHJKL! I screamed, with a mixture of surprise, happiness, and excitement. For the first time, one of the famous Japanese band that I really adore will held a concert here in the Philippines! *rolls over*

A few weeks after the announcement, PULP Live World  and Amuse Inc. Asia   released more information, including the ticket price.


(c)Amuse Asia Facebook page

I hurriedly called one of my best friends and we bought our own tickets around November. I ‘m so excited to attend my first concert. (I can’t count the JAM concert actually since it was part of my Cosmania experience so yeah) .


Now time skip to 2016, and January 19 had arrived: the day of the concert!  Everyone’s so hype about it that most of my FB friends are posting their status with the hashtag #oneokrockliveinmanila.  On this post, I’ll tell you my experience with one of the most awaited Japanese concert here in the Philippines.


View from the Jeepney’s window. MOA Arena, here I go!


I arrived at SM Mall of Asia at around 5 pm and I could see the crowd from afar, not to mention the ones who were walking in the same direction as I am (some of them wearing their own version of OOR shirt). I walked towards the entrance and I had a hard time looking for familiar faces and the merchandise section due to huge crowd of people in black.


Behold the waiting crowd, most of them wearing black

After a few minutes of hide and seek  waiting, I found my companions and look for the merchandise store but the staff announced that all of the items are sold out already a while ago.  Why you do this! .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.


Merchandise sold in the venue


We started to wait in line before 5:30 pm and chatted about random topics to kill time. At 6 pm, there are lots of people in line (a total of 5 lanes to be exact, and us in the middle part for the lower box lane)  waiting for the gates to open. However for some unknown reasons, the guards are still there without any signs of the crowd moving out to enter.  Another few minutes had passed, and there’s still no movement on all lines. Some people are getting impatient already and tried asking the guards while others are trying to get a hold of their need of comfort rooms.


People waiting impatiently at the line. Sorry for the blurred photo.


Loud shouts were heard at around 6:45 pm, and noticed that the first line which composed of all the VIP standing ticket holders are now moving to enter the venue.  This brought hope to us since we’re standing for more than an hour already… or so I thought it was.


We noticed that the line movement are slow that people from the lower box lane are getting more impatient. Also, the sixth lane is now mixed with people holding VIP and Lower box tickets. A guard with a megaphone did the last roll call for the VIP ticket holders to get in the lane before they let the last batch of holding VIP seated tickets enter the venue.  At this point, the lines are in a disarray and some lower box ticket holders in the far end of the arena started to occupy the now empty line for thew VIP sitting (4th line), not to mention a group of four with a foreigner who are in the sixth lane did their own move to let themselves lined near the gates. Sheez… undisciplined people. 😐


After an hour and a half of waiting, finally our line had moved at around 7:25 pm! Most of us shouted for joy since we can finally enter and bring ourselves to the comfort room to refresh and/or sit at our own assigned chairs.


Inspection first before entering the arena.Photo taken while walking.

After the bag inspection, people are now scattered to buy some food, find the nearest CR , or go to their respective seats. Clueless of where should we go, I urged my friend to ask the staff holding a placard saying “How may I help you?”


I’m the map! I’m the map! XD  MOA staff helping us in directions. Again, sorry for the blurred photo.

After giving us the directions, we thanked the staff and went our own way upstairs while holding my cramped right foot due to long hours of standing.  With the help of the staff scattered to aid everyone, we finally found our seat and took some photos.


People started to occupy their assigned seats.

At around 8:15 pm, the upper projector  in the middle (which is usually seen in basketball matches) started to give the rules and regulations of the venue and fan conduct.  After the fan conduct, the lights started to dim and the faint light shone on the stage at 8:30 pm… with some light sticks in the distance. (Seriously, have they even bothered reading the fan conduct posted by AMUSE Asia Inc about the concert or even notice no one’s holding a light stick!?! 😡   \(`0´)/ )






The concert started with the opening intro of their album and the name of their Asia concert tour. The blue lights shone on the stage, showing Tomoya first as he plays the drums. The second one to show in the left side of the stage is Ryota, the topless (abs please) bassist, as he followed the lead of Tomoya. The third that appeared opposite of Ryota is Toru, who is the guitarist of the band. Last but not the least, Taka emerged in the middle part of the stage (holding a mic with red straps which reminds me of his red microphone)  with his right hand raised in the air.


Take me to the Top

After the Intro, the band blasted with the song Take Me to the Top (1st song in their album 35XXXV). The crowd responded with shouts, hand and body slam, and singing along with the band while standing. Feeling the hype of the concert, I jumped as my hands waved with the music. “Let me see your fucking hands” he commanded and we raised it in a ‘rock on’ gesture.


“Go on and fuck yourself” is the only line that really stuck in my mind when they played this song entitled Memories  (7th in the 35XXXV album). I’m not actually familiar with this song but I still slammed my hands and clapped my hands along with everyone in the bridge of the song.

Deeper Deeper 

After he sang Memories and took a sip of water, Taka asked the audience if we’re ready. We responded yes and he started singing the intro for Deeper Deeper (11th track in the album Jinsei X Boku and 1st in the single Deeper Deeper/Nothing Helps).  As always, most of us sang with him especially in the chorus (with jumping from our positions and hand slamming). Taka, Ryota and Toru also did a body slam(not sure with this part) while performing.  At the instrumental part, Taka shouted “Philippines!” which we responded with loud cheers and he responded with “You were fucking great”.  He ended the song with a very long scream.

After the song, he removed his jacket, revealing his sleeveless black top underneath. Also, Ryota changed his bass (I think he had 3 in standby mode). Taka said hello to the fans and introduced their band.

Taka:  This is our first time here in the Philippine. I wanna say, thank you a lot. Thank you for helping us sing… so much! Finally, we made it to…here. Alright, who wants to have fun tonight, Philippine? I say, who wants to have fun tonight?!

Of course, all of us answered with a loud cheer.

Taka: Alright. To make it even better,I need your help. Everyone, I need to raise your hands right now come on. Alright. let me see your fucking hands.

We raised our two hands, the left and the right. “Clap” he asked and we responded with the noise from our clapping hands.

Stuck in the Middle

After we clap our hands, Taka announced their next song, Stuck in the middle (12th track in the album 35XXXV). We responded with loud cheer as the three of them (minus Tomoya who plays drums of course) moved  around the stage and jump high in the chorus. In the bridge part of the song, Taka gestured everyone to clap their hands which we complied happily.


Clock Strikes

Taka gestured his hands like a clock, which made me squealed “Clock strikes!”(5th song from their Album Jinsei X Boku). Everyone sang with the band during the first part of the song. At the instrumental part, Taka said to the audience, “I wanna see you singing. Can you sing it?” We all responded with “YES!” After two lines, he let us sing the same lines again and we sang with him again until the end of the song.

Last Dance

This is one of the songs that I’m not familiar with (which  I only found out after someone posted the full list of songs in the concert). The crowd are much more mellow in this part as they waved their hands in the air. I feel melancholic up until now when I listen to this song. I also found out that this song is only exclusive to the US release of the album (14th track in 35XXXV deluxe US edition album).

Taka left the stage for a moment to take a rest (I guess) and the trio started playing instrumentals. Toru and Ryota took over the stage with their awesome guitar/bass strumming and Tomoya on the drums. Some of the audience went wild when the two of them (Toru and Ryota)  getting very close to each other, face to face.  The tune that they played suggests a little seductiveness in my opinion. I started squealing, letting my inner Fujoshi mode on and shouting “Ship! Ship!”. I also noticed that the girl beside my best friend (she’s seated in the P-3, while I seated at P-1) also squealed happily. I asked her if she’s a fujoshi and after she said yes, we started squealing and fangirling at ToRyo moment.


Cry Out

“Let’s make some noise! Let’s go!” Taka requested when he went back to the stage before he sang Cry Out (3rd song in their album, 35XXXV). We joined them in singing once again especially at the back up singer’s part


Taka:  Only heaven knows how far we are.

Audience: you take, take it take it from no one


The lights fade out and Taka and Toru appeared at the stage after a few seconds, the latter holding an acoustic guitar.


Taka: Seriously you were all fucking awesome thank you so much! … this is our first time here in the Philippine which is really good, and I’m really happy to be here.  Thank you for having us.


Then he told the audience that the next song will be a slow one and it will be in Japanese. For better or for worse, he asked us to sing with him once more if it’s okay for us. We responded with a loud yes and he and Toru waited for the right cue before they played the next song.




This Heartache song (6th track in the album 35XXXV) really moved my heart out of all the songs in the concert due to two reasons. One, the acoustic version is so beautiful that I could feel my tears will fall down in a minute. The second reason is when everyone started to light up their cellphones and swayed it along with the song.

The ‘fireflies’ swaying with the melody of the song

The moment was too magical that even the official photographer, Julenphoto, of the 35XXXV Asia Tour concert and Toru himself posted it on their respective accounts.


Photo from julenphoto’s fb page.



Screenshot from Toru’s Instagram


After the magical moment, Ryota and Tomoya went back to the stage. Taka shouted “This is my Decision!” which we responded with another loud scream. They had played the English version of the song which I’m not too familiar with (8th track in the album 35XXXV Deluxe US release). I could only remember that they the three of them walked in the catwalk stage while performing.


This is another song from the concert that I’m not familiar with that I bothered a fellow fujoshi (the one seated on P-3) in hopes of getting the title of the song correctly. I admit, I misheard the first word of the chorus and note it as “Inside of me” and sang it as it is //bricked. I found it the day after the concert in their album 35XXXV deluxre (4th track in the album)

As the other members played instrumentals, Taka thanked everyone once again and he said that they’re having a great time here in Manila.

Taka: You know, we can’t say that the world is at a peace right now. But we’re still here, the living,and the power of music. We will go back here in Manila. That’s a promise, Manila.

We all screamed after we heard this line. OMG they’ll be back! They’re going back here! ❤ ❤ ❤

However, Taka announced that there are two songs left for the show. It made me felt sad since I want to hear more! I want to hear Wherever you are!!!! //slapped

The Beginning

The band started playing The Beginning  (4th track in the album Jinsei X Boku and used at Ruroni Kenshin Live action film) and we sang with them once again even though my throat is getting sore that time.  The band went to the catwalk stage once again and moved with full energy.

Mighty Long Fall

Playing another song that used in the movie Ruroni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, they ended their performance with Mighty Long Fall (5th track in 35XXXV album). As usual, we jumped and sang with him. However, in this part comes one of the embarrassing/disappointing scenario in the concert.

Taka requested the audience from the VIP standing area to do the wall of death. He gestured everyone to push it left and even say it in the microphone. However, most of them are clueless (I actually though he would go down and walk in the middle of the audience) and it ended up Taka being silent with a disappointed look on his face as he stares at the VIP standing audience.  He continued singing until the end of the song but I couldn’t stop worrying about his expression a while ago.

The band went backstage and the lights became dim. We started shouting “We want more! We want more!”, hoping that there will be an encore. I’m literally praying in my seat that time for an encore, hoping that they would sing my favorite song even though he looks disappointed a while ago.

Everyone went silent again, and after a few minutes, Toru appeared on the stage raising a rock sign on the audience and Taka grabbing the microphone on the stand.  Loud screams filled the arena as Toru started strumming on the acoustic guitar he used a while ago.

Taka:  You still want a bit more?

Everyone: Yes!

Taka: Me too.

Everyone: *screams happily again*



Wherever you are


That was my reaction when they started playing Wherever you are (9th track, Nyche Syndrome album) As always, all of us sang with our heart and started lighting our phones and swaying it. However, it was less magical than when every one of us did it during the Heartache song. Well I don’t care anymore as long as everyone’s enjoying the encore.

No Scared

Tomoya and Ryota went back to the stage after  they finished playing my favorite song. He asked once again if we want more couple of songs. After we responded with yes, he said,

“That’s good. That’s good. Let’s go Manila!Let’s go crazy one more time everybody! Manila!!…Everybody, No Scared.” (4th track, Zankyo Reference  2011 album)

Then the staff started throwing inflated balls and everyone from VIP started tossing the balls. I’m so envious and hoping that the balls would reach the Lower box area. My wish? … wish not granted. Why? Some of the VIP standing took the balls and keep it for themselves. Can’t be helped. ┐(‘~`;)┌


Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer

The band ended their encore by singing Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (2nd track, Nyche Syndrome album). Everyone in the audience sang their hearts out and jumped energetically, ending the song with a bang.


Official list of songs in the concert. (c)


Taka, Tomoya, Toru and Ryota went to the front, thanking everyone who attended the concert. Someone from the VIP gave the band a fan-scribbled banner with the message: Thank you One ok rock! See you next time from the PH fans. Then Taka started to take a short video of the arena. The photographer also took a photo of the band with everyone in the arena.


(c) Taka’s instagram. Photo taken by Julenphoto.

The band started to threw some OOR items to lucky VIP guests. Toru threw some OOR guitar picks , Tomoya gave away his drum sticks and Taka some posters?(not sure on this part since I already forgot). Ryota however, is wiping his sweaty abs *nosebleed* body with a towel. Some of the fans like me are waiting if Ryota would throw it for the fans but he didn’t. Sad fangirls are sad //slapped . They went at the middle of the stage and bowed for a few seconds to the audience before going backstage.





Anyways before they officially end the concert, Taka took again the mic and talked.


Taka: See you next time!

Then, Tomoya borrowed the mic and said…

Tomoya: Mahal kita!

…then loud screams filled the whole arena again. Some of them are bickering by saying “he’s pointing at me!” “He’s pertaining to me!” girls, he’s actually confessing to me okay



The concert ended at around 10 pm onwards and everyone started to part ways with smiles on their faces. Even though there are lots of disappointments in the concert (sold out merchandise and freebies, video taking, light sticks, etc), this concert experience will forever be etched in everyone’s heart. Thank you once again to Pulp Live World and Amuse Inc Asia for bringing the band here in the Philippines. Also, thank you to all that I’ve met and talked to even for a bit.  I’ll never forget this experience. Till we meet again on the next concert. 🙂



See you soon MOA arena for the next OOR concert 🙂




^ Thank you to Erjeel, Iori and Aryan for the time and bonding before, during and after the concert.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me by leaving a comment here or drop a message to the following links listed in my About section.


Arigatou Gozaimasu minna-san~

Mata Ne!~

Shoujo Chan



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