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Android App Game Review: My Horse Prince (UmaPri)

Hi everyone! I’m back to share another WTF wonderful android game! If you think my previous post about Kabedon is enough or not enough to question: “Are there any more weird but fun games out there?”, you should definitely try playing this game!

This English translated Japanese game focuses on the daily lives of highschoolboys (sorryIjustfinishedwatchingit) the MC of the game and how she fell in love with… A horse. Yes, you read it right. A horse. Oh let me clarify that: a horse with an ikemen face in an anime setting.

The question is… Did she really fell in love with a horse? Is the horse is really a horse or a human wearing a horse costume? Will I lose my sanity by playing this? Well… Scroll down for more information.


Game Information:

Name: My Horse Prince (Japanese name: Uma no Prince-sama)

Current Version: 1.1.1

Size: 96.87 MB

Required android version: 4.0 and up

Creator: USAYA Co. Ltd.

In-app products: Php 53.00 – Php 105.00 per item (depending on your local currency and conversion)

Download Link : Google Play Store

Story: Umako (name can be changed in the beginning of the story) went to a rural town to unwind from the stress in her work and the busy city. She then stumbled on a ranch, and meet Oji-san (grandfather in english) who’s the caretaker of the ranch. Oji-san then introduced Yuuma, a brown horse with an ikemen anime face and declared that she’ll be the new owner of the ranch.

My exact thought when the “horse” said that


The gameplay’s similar to my previous android game reviews. You must click on a certain image and fill the gauge to proceed to the next stage. The game had 13 stages (originally 10) and all of them had different stories to tell. Once you completed all of the stages, the story will now proceed to the side story, which is an endless stage.

The point system is a little different from other games since it is based on the energy level of Yuuma. Here’s the basic list of points for the game (for the latter part of the game).

Energy Level                                      Points

100%  – 80%                                       100 pts

79% – 50%                                            75 pts

49% – 10%                                            40 pts

10% – 0%                                              20 pts


Once you depleted Yuuma’s energy up to 1%, the game will automatically recover the energy up to 30%, which is the default energy in every stage. In order to raise ‘his’ energy, you must Talk to him and get the right answers in his statements.


Excellent answers will raise the energy by 30%, the Good answers raise 15%, and Bad answers will deplete the energy by 30%.


There are in-game dialogues while tapping which is quite funny or somewhat weird depending on the current stage. 

Not one but two “horses” XD


 You can also screenshot the stage you’re on with a commentary from oji-san and share the picture on your twitter account or other site.

So there you have it! This game is very good for those who are bored and wants to kill some time in playing random games. This is also a good game to play when you need some help to laugh and forget some disappointments.

Let’s help the creator knew that we love the game by downloading it on Google play or Apple Store. Don’t forget to rate the game 5 stars too!

Happy playing everyone!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me by leaving a comment here or drop a message to the following links listed in my About section.



Arigatou Gozaimasu minna-san~

Mata Ne!~

❤ Shoujo Chan❤



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