A blog  wherein I’ll post anything that piques my interest.


About: the owner of this blog


I’m Shoujo Chan, a “japanophile” residing in the Philippines.

I ❤

– Games ( Persona Series, Otome games, some RPG and Maimai arcade game)~

– Novels and short stories  (Light novels and Web novels included)

– J-culture (traditional and modern)

– Cosplay (though i’m still a below average coser)

– Nature, especially the beauty of flowers

– Jack Frost (Atlus Mascot) and Shiba Inu dog

and lastly,



English is not my native language. Please feel free to correct me for grammatical errors. 😀



About: The Blog


A. What is  a Japanophile?

–  According to Wikipedia, Japanophile  is someone who had an interest in, or love of, Japan and everything Japanese.


B. Why did you name you blog as  Shoujo’s  Japanohile Adventures?

–  The blog title was inspired from one of the long running manga  in Japan named Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure.  In the said manga, the casts are tangled in a series of different adventures in search of their goals.  Since I’m a japanophile who loves to try new adventures and loves to share my experiences, I named it as Shoujo’s Japanophile Adventures.


C. What to expect on this blog?

–  Expect a lot of fangirl stuff (yaoi//slapped) , food porn , random musings, different reviews,  and a lot of unexpected posts that are not related to japan since this is a personal blog of mine.


D. Why not call yourself as otaku instead?

–  I can’t call myself an otaku because I’m not only interested in the modern culture of Japan (e.g. anime, cosplay, games, modern Jpop). I’m interested in reading stories and Japanese folklore, tea ceremony, Enka, etc.  Also, Otaku is a derogatory term in Japan  and  I don’t fit in the standards of being an otaku *laughs sarcastically*


E. Why create a blog when you suck at English?

– I created this blog because of my personal goals. One of these goals is to improve myself in writing. If you are having a hard time because of my grammatical errors, you may point it out nicely through comments so that I could improve myself even more.


F. Are you accepting link exchange?

–  Yes. I would love to exchange links! Just let me know through this blog or PM me on the links below.


G. Do you have any other links/sites where we can talk/share info and interests?

– You may follow/add me on the following sites:

World Cosplay

Fan Fiction

WordPress 😀




These are the only official sites that I am managing. I’m not handling any other site that shares the same name as I do.  For Facebook users, I only accept friend requests form people that I have personally met. You can click the follow button instead to get updates from me 😀




3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! Shoujo Chan! I’m Jhoan from Hallohallo Inc. I would like to invite you to our Cool Japan Festival happening on November 7-8 in Trinoma Activity Center. Hopefully we could get in touch with you to discuss our offer to you. We’ll be waiting for your reply just contact us through 0915 4779140 or via email. Hope to hear from you soon!Thanks! 🙂


    1. hi! thank you for visiting my blog! 😀

      I’m unable to post any maimai related topics since I haven’t played the game for more than half a year already.:(

      I’ll let you know through this blog post if I have new topics related to maimai 😀


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